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2007 Jeep Liberty Gas Cap

This is an 2004-2007 chrysler Jeep gas cap fuel cap factory mopar fuel cap, it is new and extends the included metal gasket. It is a top-notch cap for your car.

2007 Jeep Liberty Gas Cap Ebay

This 2007 Jeep Liberty gas cap is blue and provides the gas station logo on it, it is finding its substitute into various shops and sections of stores. The cap is a simple affair, just a cap with the Jeep Liberty symbol on it, this is an oem type for nissan gas cap for fuel tank 10838. It is produced of durable and sturdy materials, and is meant to give your car a fantastic degree of protection against the outside world, this is an 2007 Jeep Liberty gas cap and tire cap. It is original to the car and is a factory product, this is an enticing deal for your next vehicle! This is an 2007 Jeep Liberty fuel cap. It renders a key ring with a lock, the key ring can lock the cap in place so that it cannot be removed from the vehicle.