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240z Gas Cap

240 z gas cap is a great option for those looking for a datsun 240 z series 1 gas cap, this option is used and in good condition. It's a great option for those looking for a new gas cap.

Top 10 240z Gas Cap

This is a new, oem-new gas cap for the 1970- 1976 nissan datsun 240 z 260 z 280 z and 280 z models, it is for the fuel filler spot only and is not for use on the block or head. This is a perfect addition for any datsun user! This is a perfect quality gas fuel cap from the 1970-1976 datsun 240 z and 280 z models, it is an oem part and has the datsun 240 z and 280 z brands on it. The cap is made of durable materials and looks of good quality, it is easy to fill and is good for the environment. This is an 1990-1996 datsun 240 z gas cap lid from the 1970-1976 model year, it is new and oem for the 240 the cap is in excellent condition and has a new datsun fuel cap. It is a great addition to the your datsun 240 z engine, 240 z is the perfect name for this set of gas cap doors from datsun. They are designed to open wide and give the car a large amount of air space, making it more possible for gasoline and oil to mix and speed up the process of car maintenance and overall efficiency, the cap is essential for the car's safety, as it can release gas when the car is stopped or in stopped conditions.