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Gas Cap For 2008 Chevy Silverado

This gas cap is perfect for your 2008 chevy silverado. It is made with a tough, densified fiberglass material that will keep your fuel tank from beingopen. And it's a great addition to your vehicle, perfect for when you run out of fuel or when you need to top up.

2008 Silverado Gas Cap

The 2008 silverado gas cap is a great addition to your car. This cap helps keep your fuel economy up and makes sure your car is running cleanly. This cap is easy to find and makes a great addition for those long journey rides.

2008 Chevy Silverado Gas Cap

This is a 2008 chevy silverado gas cap with a 95995094 fuel tank. It has a tether system that allows the driver to attach the gas cap to the bottle cap on the vehicle. The system also allows the driver to fill the cap without having to remove the gas cap from the bottle. this gas cap is perfect for your 08 chevrolet silverado. It is made of durable plastic and is located near the fuel tank. It makes it easy to fill and emptied often. looking for a gas cap for your 2008 chevy silverado? we have just the thing! This cap is yellow for the avalanche and silverado tahoe and is perfect for keeping your fuel tank full and looking great. It's also comfortable to wear and will make your vehicle feel more in control. this gas cap is new for your 2008 chevy silverado. This gas cap is easy to use and makes driving your car much more comfortable.