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Perko Gas Cap

This marine boatreplacement Perko gas cap deck fill will make your boating experience better! This cap will fill your boat to the top of the water, while keeping your materials safe.

Perko Gas Cap Ebay

The Perko gas cap is a locked gas cap that contains a chemical that can help lock up a thief if they get close to the gas station, this cap is new and doesn't have the usual safety benefits of using other gas caps, such as an or gas flasher. However, it is still a gas security feature and will not let anyone escape without the key, this cap is also". Such as an or gas flasher, this cap is in like manner called a "perko" because it is a pseudonym for a group of thieves who use it to commit robberies at gas stations. 2 pack of o-rings for 540 Perko gas cap, just o-rings for fast free shipping. This gas cap is a first-rate alternative to protect your investment and make sure that you are not left with a water damage drain problems, this gas cap is fabricated of hard aluminum and makes of it is locked in place by a security lock. This is a gas cap for a bayou system boat, it is designed to keep your fuel fill tube clean and free of soil and bacteria. The Perko gas cap is fabricated of durable plastic and grants a comfortable flange, it is uncomplicated to tailor and looks great.