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Subaru Legacy Gas Cap Release

This gates pre-release fuel cap is for your first-rate car! It fits closely enough to the existing cap but makes sure that your fuel cap won't move again! This cap is a valuable addition to your Legacy car.

Subaru Legacy Gas Cap Release Amazon

Remove the cap from the Legacy 04-06 models with a standard fuel filter, indexed within the car. The fuel cap should be positioned so that the catch-all name is on the top of the cap like in the image below, once all of the parts are on the side of the car, remove the fuel cap using your fingers and Release the handle of the lever. The lever will pull the cap out of the way, once the cap is out of the way, the handle will pull the cap off of the fuel tank. This is a Subaru Legacy gas cap Release cable, it is an 5-7 foot long length of cable and it is green in color. The cable is manufactured of steel cable and it is and gives a hatch-release logo, the cable is male and grants a return logo. The cable is dated 15-16 and it is now 2022, this is a first rate opportunity to be a part of the Subaru legacy. This product is associated with our Subaru limited edition line of products, this product is associated with our goal to provide value to our customers. This product is associated with our reputation for quality and performance, this is a terrific opportunity to get your car or truck blocks in new! The cap is produced of durable materials and will help to keep your air conditioning on throughout your vehicle. It is again uncomplicated to order and comes with a warranty.