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Tundra Locking Gas Cap

Looking for a surrogate to keep your fuel tank from getting too full? Assess our Tundra Locking gas cap it’s an outstanding surrogate to keep your car secure while you’re on the go, this keyless-lock fuel tank gas cap comes with a value system, so you can be sure it’s worth the code. Plus, it’s basic to fill and empty your car.

Toyota Tundra Gas Cap Lock

The toyota Tundra gas cap lock is a keyless fuel cap that allows you to avoid driving with a filled up tank, the gas cap lock prevents thieves from stealing your fuel cap while you're driving, which is important when you have to leave your car for work or for a long trip. The gas cap lock also prevents drivers from leaving their cars running all day long, which can lead to fuel lines and tanks becoming clogged up with gas, the toyota Tundra gas cap lock is an enticing accessory for your toyota 4 runner or fj cruiser, and it's straightforward to use! This is a new gas cap for your car. It extends a keyhole design for straightforward and the keycap grants a chrome plated contact and the two keys are engraved with a who's who design, the cap is again covered with a fabric lining to protect it from dirt and dust. This product is a locked gas cap which means that only service or alteration to the cap can be completed without the cap being opened, the cap is designed to protect against theft and is a strong, weather-resistant plastic. Looking for a new and different alternative to keep your gear from try Tundra Locking gas cap! This cap provides a secure fit and makes sure your gas cap stays on you yep, sure, let's face it, our gear will go off if we're not careful, with this cap, you can rest assured that your gear will be safe when you need it to be.