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Vintage Gas Cap

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Vintage Chopper Gas Cap Topper

Antique Gas Caps

Antiques gas caps is a blog and social media account all about vintage engineering and g. we offer information about vintage gas caps and how to pick the right one for your needs. we offer tips on how to identify a vintage gas cap and recommend a store to buy from. we offer photos and a description of a particular vintage gas cap so that you can see it for yourself. we also offer feedback and advice on how to buy a vintage gas cap, how to keep one and what to expect when they come in demand. we hope you enjoyantiques gas caps!

Old Style Gas Cap

This is a great vintage original 1965- 1966 ford mustang gas cap. This cap is made of vintage era material and is in great condition. It is original and has the vintage era sticker tape on it. This cap is a great addition to any ford mustang owner's collection. this is a great vintage gas cap from the gm oem series. It is a good quality, nos gm chevy oem cap and is in great condition. It is currently in the form of a nos gm chevy caps from a 6410233. this gt 54 gas tank cap is an antique version of the delco vintage cap. It is made of heavy weight metal and is only for use with gt 54 gas tanks. this is a vintage gas cap from a chevrolet vehicle. It is made of_ aluminum and is in great condition. It is 1. 8 inches in height and has a. 50 inch wide brink. This cap is primary use is as a bootnose and for blocking drafts as well as with the car's fuel pump.